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The project is located within Asiatown IT Park, an integrated special economic zone and modern trading center in Cebu City. This connects to major thoroughfares that lead to the Mactan International Airport and Cebu International Port. It has easy access to shopping areas, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, churches, and golf courses.

The Avida Tower Cebu project is located in Asiatown IT Park, a beautiful and modern trading center in Cebu City. If you have been buying homes, you know that such a location is the best, especially for homes. But why does property location matter a lot? Well, unlike other investments, a home isn’t easy to move. Relocating to another area is both difficult and expensive. Besides that, a home is a long-term investment. You, therefore, need to ensure that when you are choosing one, give its location the consideration it deserves. The location is, in fact, the most important factor you should not overlook even if all the other factors are okay with you.

Quite simply, it’s easy to choose a property just because of its features a lone without considering whether the location is good for a home. That’s why some people buy one and rush quickly to sell it because they didn’t find what they expected. If you would like to avoid that, choose a property that’s located in the right place. Avida Tower Cebu is one such a property that’s located conveniently in a place that gives you easy and quick access to whichever place you want. As you already know, Cebu is an amazing city that has been growing every day. Living here gives you an opportunity to taste what such centers have for you. Some of the characteristics that make Cebu City a good location include:

  • Access to freeways and public transits
  • Good schools
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Great views
  • Water access
  • Convenient access to restaurants, shops, and popular places

All these things are vital and make a living in any place enjoyable. A location that lacks them is usually considered undesirable. You would probably not want to live in such places or even invest there for fear of making losses. For a smart area that will always give you what you want, be part of the new homeowners who are going to live in Avida Tower Cebu. The place is not just convenient, but it’s also constantly rising in value because of the great developments taking place. It’s, indeed, a place you should consider if you wish to invest now and probably sell your property later when the value is higher than it is now. You can also decide to live here for as long as you want. There’s nothing that will make you think about relocating.

In a nutshell, Avida Tower Cebu makes it now possible and easy for you to get a place you’ll call home in Cebu City. It is no doubt a perfect location that will spare you from the hassles of transport to work, popular places and other things that we all need for living. Everything is within your reach in Cebu City. You need to take this great opportunity now and get your dream home today. Remember that everyone is looking and waiting eagerly for such opportunities. If you don’t do something now, you might end up missing this golden chance of living or owning a property in Cebu City. Act now and experience life according to Avida Land.


  • University of Southern Philippines 700m
  • Bright Academy 1.9km
  • PAREF Southcrest School 1.5km
  • Child Development Centre of CIE Cebu Campus 1.4kkm
  • ACE 1.3km
  • Barrio Luz Elementary SChool 900m
  • CIE British School 1.3km
  • PAREF Springdate School for Boys 1km
  • Oprra Elementary School 2.2km


  • Ayala Center in Cebu 1.6km
  • SM Cty Cebu 2.7kkm
  • Gaisano Country Mall 950m
  • Parkmall 3.2km


  • Chong Hua Hospital 3km
  • Perpetual Soccour Hospital 2.1km
  • Sacred Heart Hospital 3.5km
  • Cebu Doctor's University Hospital 2.6km
  • St. Vincent's Hospital 3.6km
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