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As a potential buyer of a home in Avida Tower Cebu, you would probably like to know what facilities and amenities are within reach from this great residential property that’s up for ownership. Well, as a recently completed property, this condo has been built according to the standards of such structures in the Philippines. Aside from being a modern one with awesome unit features, there are also many amenities that you will enjoy in the community and the city of Cebu at large. You won’t be like other homeowners who regret after buying their homes. Avida Tower Cebu and the city at large are flourishing with everything that you need to lead a comfortable condo living with your family.

A major trend over a few years ago among homeowners has been enhancing of outdoor experience. Well, if that’s what you also want when you finally get your home, the Avida Tower Cebu has already made sure that you will have amazing outdoor experience in your new home. There are a couple of fantastic outdoor facilities that will make your living enjoyable in Cebu. Since this is a project located in the city, you can be sure that everything provided by you meets the standards and status of being in a city. You will also enjoy enough space outside and playgrounds for your kids.

With these great amenities, your outdoor living experience in Avida Tower Cebu will always be great. You only need to make use of them and be a fan of outdoor activities. The one thing you should be assured about these amenities is the fact that they are high-quality and they, of course, meet the set standards. If you combine the experience, you’ll get from in-house amenities, and what you’ll get from these, you’ll have successfully realized your goal of living in a modern home environment. Besides that, you will also give your family the best environment to call home. Will you be among the new occupants of these new units in Cebu City? The right time has come for you to get that dream home. Don’t let it go because it might not be easy to get a similar place in the city.

While community amenities are great, there are lots of other things you also need to have in your home. Your home should look unique especially at the inside. Though you’ll find facilities already in, you might, of course, want to add a few things that will make your home look unique. The rooms/units are spacious and will allow you to customize them. You only need to choose one that will me meet your family needs especially when it comes to the number of rooms, square footage, size, and carpet area. You will not miss getting what you want because Avida Tower Cebu has something for every potential homeowner looking for a home in the city.

  • Adult & Kiddie Swimming Pool (200 capacity)
  • Clubhouse with Function hall for 150 guests
  • Children's Play Area
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Garden Area (maximized green area and open spaces)
  • Main lobby for each building
  • Three Elevator units
  • Admin room
  • Utility room
  • Emergency power
  • Garbage Chute/ room per level
  • Fire protection/ fire alarm system
  • Mailbox per unit located at the lobby
  • Units are electricity, telephone, cable television & internet ready
  • Transformer Vault & Genset Room to be located at the ground floor level
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